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05:55 PM LifeV Branch #73: 201205_mergeEmory_pattern
Hi Simone,
the branch is under slow review :-) Radu gave me already his comments, and I need to sit down and imple...


03:08 PM LifeV Branch #74 (New): 201110_Test_OneDFSI


03:48 PM LifeV Branch #74 (New): 201110_Test_OneDFSI
Adding test_oneDFSI to the testsuite
This version of the test is the exact replica of the test in MathCard.
It st...
03:40 PM LifeV Branch #73 (In Progress): 201205_mergeEmory_pattern
Introducing classes to pre-compute the matrix graph; the classes were first introduced in the serial version of LifeV...
03:25 PM LifeV Branch #72 (In Progress): 201205_mergeEmory_postProcessing
Pre-existing class: PostProcessingBoundary
* taking as argument a pointer to comm rather than a MapEpetra
* methods...
03:16 PM LifeV Branch #71 (In Progress): 201205_OperatorModule
This branch introduces new classes, implementing the concept of algebraic block operators.
It was originally propo...


03:23 PM LifeV Branch #54: 20130219_ExporterEnsightP2
ah yes, you are right. Uhm I don't think there's a way to avoid that, though. The Ensight format does not support ele...


01:53 PM LifeV Branch #54: 20130219_ExporterEnsightP2
Hi Antonio,
of course you are right! that would be an easy way. I was planning on implement a selection rule based...


12:22 AM LifeV Feature #55 (New): No export in testsuite
Exporting results when running the testsuite is not useful. Only a small number of tests actually check the export/im...
06:31 PM LifeV Branch #54: 20130219_ExporterEnsightP2
Hi Antonio,
thanks for the feedback!
For P1b, I got them working via serendipity :-) my approach is to dump on ...

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