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Slides on C++11

01/18/2013 06:54 PM

The slides presented at the general lifeV meeting of January 2013.

Slides on XFEM

01/11/2013 02:49 PM

LifeV Tutorial

04/20/2015 04:54 PM

This is a tutorial for starting using lifev. If you have any comment or feedback, please send it to!forum/lifev-user


03/05/2013 11:22 PM

A brief description of the changes/features introduced with CurrentFEManifold, the class that replaces CurrentBoundaryFE and CurrentBoundaryFEBase

FESpace classes in LifeV

01/09/2014 02:49 PM

LifeV meeting 2014 - Considerations about FESpace classes

BC in LifeV

01/09/2014 02:51 PM

LifeV meeting 2014 - Considerations about boundary conditions in LifeV