(pronounced "life five") - the parallel finite element library for the solution of PDEs.

C++, object oriented, serial and parallel versions.
Distributed under LGPL by CMCS – EPFL, E(CM)2 – Emory, MOX – Polimi, REO, ESTIME– INRIA.
about 30 active developers.

Research code oriented to the development and test of new numerical methods and algorithms.
Aim: effective tool for solving complex ”real-life” engineering problems.

Developers are:
  • Researchers,
  • Post docs,
  • PhD students

Target users are the developers themselves, master students, and other researchers.

Medium term target is to make LifeV more accessible to external users.

Parallel linear algebra based on Trilinos

The development of LifeV has been funded over the years by a number of subjects including the European Commission, the Fondazione Politecnico & Siemens Medical Solutions Italy, the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Italian Ministry for Education Universities and Research.

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Manager: Alessio Fumagalli, Davide Forti, Luca Formaggia, Luca Paglieri, Simone Deparis, Tiziano Passerini
Developer: Abramo Agosti, Adrien Lefieux, Alberto Ferroni, Alessandro Barone, Alessandro Melani, Alessandro Patelli, Alessandro Veneziani, Alessio Fumagalli, Alexander Heinlein, Alfio Quarteroni, Andrea Bartezzaghi, Andrea Bortolossi, Andrea Scaglioni, Andreas Fischle, Anna Scotti, Anna Tagliabue, Annalisa Quaini, Antonello Gerbi, Antonio Cervone, Axel Klawonn, Aymen Laadhari, Bianca Giovanardi, Bruno Guerciotti, Chiara Riccobene, Christian Kanesan, christian vergara, Christoph Jaeggli, Claudia Colciago, Cristiano Malossi, Daniel Balzani, Daniel Garcia, Davide Baroli, Davide Forti, diana bonomi, Elaine Tang, Elena Bulgarello, Elena Faggiano, Fabio Stradelli, Filippo Menghini, Giacomo Rosilho de Souza, Guido Iori, Gwenol Grandperrin, Huanhuan Yang, Huijuan Xu, Hélène Ruffieux, Jacopo Corno, James Munch, Jing Jin, Jörg Schröder, Kai Yang, LifeV-Dev Mailing List, Luca Barbarotta, Luca Bertagna, Luca Dede', Luca Formaggia, Luca Nenna, Luca Oldani, Luca Paglieri, Luca Pasquale, Luca Pegolotti, Lucia Mirabella, Luis Miguel De Oliveira Vilaca, Marco Del Pra, Marco Fedele, Maria Restrepo, Marie Dupraz, martin barry, Massimiliano Lupo Pasini, Matteo Aletti, Matteo Manica, Mauro Perego, Michel Kern, Mikel Landajuela, Niccolò Dal Santo, Nicholas Tarabelloni, Nur Aiman Fadel, Oliver Rheinbach, Paolo Crosetto, Paolo Tricerri, Peng Chen, Ricardo Ruiz Baier, Rocco Michele Lancellotti, Simon Fausten, Simone Deparis, Simone Palamara, Simone Pezzuto, Simone Rossi, Simone Stangalino, Sofia Guzzetti, Stefano Zonca, Tiziano Passerini, Toni Lassila, Umberto Villa

Latest news

LifeV 4.0.3 released
Better C++11 compatibility and corrected dependencies
Added by Simone Deparis 9 months ago

LifeV 4.0.2 released
LifeV-4.0.2 has been released on GitHub
Added by Simone Deparis 12 months ago

LifeV 3.8.3 released
LifeV-3.8.3 has been released on GitHub
Added by Simone Deparis about 4 years ago

LifeV API documentation
The API documentation for LifeV is now available at http://cmcsforge.epfl.ch/doxygen/lifev
Added by Anonymous about 5 years ago

Redmine Beta for LifeV developers
We have planned a migration of cmcsforge to redmine. We have now a beta version working on http://mathicsevm2.epfl.ch/redmine
Added by Simone Deparis about 5 years ago

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