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[Balzani et al.]

04/29/2015 03:36 PM

D. Balzani, S. Deparis, S. Fausten, D. Forti, A. Heinlein, A. Klawonn, A. Quarteroni, O. Rheinbach, and J. Schröder, Numerical Modeling of Fluid-Structure Interaction in Arteries with Anisotropic Polyconvex Hyperelastic and Anisotropic Viscoelastic Material Models at Finite Strains, submitted 2015.

Benchmark meshes

05/08/2015 05:43 PM

Meshes used in [Balzani et al.]

The zipped tarball is organised in 8 subdirectories, each containing a fluid and a structural mesh in a format compatible with LifeV
The directories are:

  • from 0 to 7 are meshes with decreasing mesh-size
  • long_tube is a mesh with a longer outflow...