LifeV: LifeV 4.0.3 released

Added by Simone Deparis 9 months ago

  • Better compatibility with c++11
  • right dependence between modules. bc_interface and physical solvers had reverse dependence.

LifeV: LifeV 4.0.2 released

Added by Simone Deparis 12 months ago

LifeV-4.0.2 has been released on GitHub

LifeV 4.0.2:

Enabling FSI blocks by default

LifeV 4.0.1:

Introducting c++11, in particular replacing most of the BOOST funcitonalities with new c++11 features

LifeV 4.0.0:

The branch developed at CMCS has been merged to master. Some additional feautures include:

  • new Navier Stoke solver
  • new FSI solver
  • Rescaled Localized Radial Basis Function Interpolation
  • INTERNODES solver
  • Fast assembler
  • added expressions to ETA

LifeV: LifeV 3.8.3 released

Added by Simone Deparis about 4 years ago

LifeV-3.8.3 has been released on GitHub

New in LifeV 3.8.3

Merged the following branches:

  • PrecomputedGraphETA #82
  • defaultParamList #112
  • NSM_preconditioners #111
  • 20111024_GhostMapEpetra #18

LifeV: LifeV API documentation

Added by Anonymous about 5 years ago

The API documentation for LifeV is now available at

It is based on the master branch and it is regenerated every night, during the nightly build.

LifeV: Redmine Beta for LifeV developers

Added by Simone Deparis about 5 years ago

The new server has now to systems running:
Redmine for project management. Includes bugs announcements, documents, Wiki, and a direct view of the git repository
Gitolite management of the main bare repos.

The primary use of the new cmcsforge will be for LifeV and related, but other projects that are in relation with CMCS are of course welcome.

Thanks Radu for setting up the server.


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