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LifeV: LifeV 4.0.3 released
Better C++11 compatibility and corrected dependencies
Added by Simone Deparis 9 months ago

LifeV: LifeV 4.0.2 released
LifeV-4.0.2 has been released on GitHub
Added by Simone Deparis 12 months ago

LifeV: LifeV 3.8.3 released
LifeV-3.8.3 has been released on GitHub
Added by Simone Deparis about 4 years ago

LifeV: LifeV API documentation
The API documentation for LifeV is now available at http://cmcsforge.epfl.ch/doxygen/lifev
Added by Anonymous about 5 years ago

LifeV: Redmine Beta for LifeV developers
We have planned a migration of cmcsforge to redmine. We have now a beta version working on http://mathicsevm2.epfl.ch/redmine
Added by Simone Deparis about 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • FSI Simulations for coronaries (04/14/2015 04:35 PM)

    This site is under construction

    This website is dedicated to the exchanges about the benchmark proposed in [Balzani et al.] for the simulation of fluid-structure interaction in an idealized coronary artery using complex structural laws.

    The maintainers of this project are the authors of [1]. If you want to submit issues or contribute to the Wiki please register to the website and send an email to ...

  • isoGlib (09/20/2013 05:10 PM)

    Environment for solving problems with isogeometric analysis

  • LifeV (12/18/2012 04:57 PM)


    (pronounced "life five") - the parallel finite element library for the solution of PDEs.

    C++, object oriented, serial and parallel versions.
    Distributed under LGPL by CMCS – EPFL, E(CM)2 – Emory, MOX – Polimi, REO, ESTIME– INRIA....